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Waku Waku +NYC Announces Must-See Highlights for Debut Event


New York, NY, August 12, 2015 - Azix, Inc. is pleased announce the inaugural edition of Waku Waku +NYC, a festival rooted in Japanese pop culture that celebrates creativity and collaboration and seeks to break down the boundaries that divide different fields and cultures. Waku Waku +NYC will take place across Brooklyn's Greenpoint area at locations including the brand-new Brooklyn Expo Center, Brooklyn Bowl, and Verboten.


For this first edition, top talent and industry veterans from Japan in fields as diverse as anime, video games, fine art, fashion, cosplay, food, music, sports, and education are working together with emerging artists and performers from the New York area. Waku Waku +NYC launches with the aim to bring together fresh perspectives and foster pop culture experimentation and discovery.


Chikako Ichihara, founder of Waku Waku +NYC and CEO of Azix. Inc, developed Waku Waku +NYC as a space where guests and attendees alike can feel waku waku, a Japanese term that means "dream-like excitement." By bringing together top artists and crossing both industry and national divides within a euphoric environment of endless possibilities, Ichihara wants to introduce a new and exciting cultural event that goes "beyond anime," the likes of which New York has never seen.



For more information and for all the For more information on guests, events, and more, visit the official Waku Waku +NYC website at



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