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Waku Waku +NYC Dots

Brooklyn Expo Center

Waku Waku +NYC Brooklyn Expo

Brooklyn Expo Center

Brooklyn Expo Center is the central location for the "Waku Waku" spirit. We will be bringing all aspects of Japanese popular culture, including anime, manga, kawaii goods, sweets, and food and more! Enjoy new anime and manga titles, meet Japanese artists, and play newly released games with the creator! Experience Harajuku Fashion! Don't miss this chance! You can also win a trip to Japan by signing up for our newsletter!

Merchandise Food Stage

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27th Street Group (Art) 414
6%DOKIDOKI (Fashion) 3002
Anime Castle (Merchandise) 2001
AnimeNEXT (Convention) 7002
Animus Rhythm Illustration (Art) 417
Aniplex of America (Anime) 1001
ARISE BAZAAR (Merchandise) 1002
Astro Patch Kids (Art) 515
Athena's Wink (Fashion) 6002
Beard Papa's (Food) 205/7001
BentOn (Food) 204
Bunny & Black (Art) 412
The Camp Site (Art) 415
Cartoon Passion (Merchandise) 4003
Collectors Anime LLC (Merchandise) 4001
COPO (Fashion-socks) 5002
Cross'Critters (Art) 511
Cutie Pie Kawaii (Merchandise) 2004
DAISUKI.NET (Anime / Apparel / Music) 4005
DC Kawaii Style / I.P. Brand Ink & Art (Prints / Clothes) 4002
Delta Air Lines (Travel) 112
Derwin Roberson (Art) 214
Dotonbori Kukuru (Food) 101
Dragon Song Forge (Replica Weapons) 4006
East Japan Marketing & Communications (Advertising) 4004
Ein Lee (Art) 118
FUNimation (Anime) 5001
Games Area (supported by VIDEOGAMESNEWYORK) 7004
H.I.S. International Tours (NY) Inc. (Travel) 114
Hamsies Cute Shop (Plushies / Accessories / Kawaii Goods) 4008
Hannah Lee (Art) 216
Hikari Wo Sagasu (Art) 512
IACE TRAVEL (Travel) 111
ITO EN North America INC. (Beverage) 202
John Ericsson Middle School P.S. 126 106
JUKEBOX IMPORTS (Music, Games) 3004
Katherine Faehling (Art) 315
KATSU-HAMA (Food) 201
Kinokuniya Bookstore (Books / Magazines / CDs / Anime Goods) 3003
Kodansha Comics (Publisher) 1003
Kuro-Obi / Ippudo NY / Sake Bar Ippudo (Food) 105
Lauren A. Sisk (Art) 119
Lolita Collective (Fashion) 3009
Mako Fufu (Art) 120
Marielle Rousseau (Art) 517
MatchaBar LLC (Beverage) 104
MayFaire Moon Corsets & Costumes (Corsets, Skirts) 4007
Mayuiki (Art) 413
Miss Candyholic (Art) 411
Moon Kitty Productions (Cosplay, Fashion) 418
MoYo Illustrations (Art) 316
NHK WORLD (Sponsor) 3001
Nozomi Neko (Art) 516
NYC YoYo Club / Kendama USA (Toys) 3008
Operation Hammond: EMS 107
Petticoat Parlour (Lolita Fashion / Kawaii Apparel) 6001
Planet Cute (Jewelry / Clothing / Art) 317
ROYCE' Chocolate (Chocolate Products) 7003
Sakura Keiko (Art) 513
Sarah Ding (Art) 514
Sean Donnan (Art) 518
Shauna Draws (Art) 416
Skimlines Drawings & Pottery (Art) 117
Sorbet Jungle (Kawaii Items / Shirts) 3007
Steiner Palomino (Art) 116
Sukesha Ray (Art) 314
SUSHI DESIGNS NEW YORK (Sushi Pillows) 318
Sweet Poison Cupcake (Art) 121
T.I.C. Group Restaurants: Otafuku x Medetai, Curry-Ya, Yonekichi, Hi-Collar (Food) 102
TeeTurtle (T-Shirts / Plushies / Prints) 2003
Teriyaki Boy (Food) 103
Tokyo Rebel - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & PUTUMAYO (Fashion) 5003
TOTTO Ramen (Food) 203
Twylite Fashion (Fashion) 3006
UN-RE DESIGNS (Fashion) 2002
Vertical Comics (Manga) 3005
YOKODANA KIMONO (Vintage Kimono) 217
TBA 215
TBA 3011

Transmitter Park

Transmitter Park

Visual Artist Sebastian Masuda presents his new project, "Time After Time Capsule." His artwork will be exhibited in the park. You can enjoy his colorful vision and play around with it in this community event!


Wythe Hotel

Wythe Hotel

A former textile factory, Wythe Hotel was transformed into a hip new hotel. Join us for screenings of new anime, and talk with guests such as Tatsuo Saito and Yu Hayami from NHK World's "Dining with the Chef" and voice actor Max Mittelman!


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl

The Sunday Night Concert will be held here to end the event with a bang! BELLA GAIA Live will bring their uniquely cosmic performance to Brooklyn Bowl, and Rising star Yun*chi will be performing anime-themed songs for a collaboration concert with DJ ☆Taku Takahashi from m-flo!




Verboten-Brooklyn's home for underground music and events. Here, you can enjoy the new collection fashion show featuring Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and PUTUMAYO. Come listen to screenwriters Takao Koyama (Dragon Ball Z) and Makoto Koyama (Dragon Ball Super), as well as veteran games creator Keiji Inafune (Mighty No. 9)!


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Courtesy Shuttle Times

Saturday - 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sunday - 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Runs every 30 minutes

Fairfield Inn - 52-34 Van Dam St. Long Island City NY 11101 (Stops Starting 8:00 AM)

Wythe Hotel - 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (Stops Starting at 10:00 AM)

Brooklyn Expo Center - 72 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Stops Starting 8:00 AM)

Transmitter Park - Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Stops Starting at 10:00 AM)

G Line - Greenpoint Avenue (Stops Starting 8:00 AM)

Brooklyn Expo Center Transportations – G line (Greenpoint avenue), B32, B43, B24, B62

*Scheduled times are approximate, delays occur.