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Waku Waku +NYC Dots


Category: Music

"Opening Song"
Mini-Concert #101
8.29.2015 10:00am-10:15am
Location: Brooklyn Expo Main Stage

"Waku Waku Finale"
Music Concert #4001
8.30.2015 Starts 6:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Bowl
Autographs #201
8.29.2015 10:30am-11:30am 60 mins
Location: Brooklyn Expo Autographs

Brooklyn Bowl Ticket (20% off w/ Waku Waku +NYC Badge)

Yearning to be a vocalist since childhood due to the influence of her parents, Yun*chi has grown up with music as part of her everyday life. Since then, she’s gained recognition for her impressive voice and character. She’s contributed as a vocalist for a compilation album by livetune (before their professional debut), and has also worked as a model for Julie Watai’s "Hardware Girls," the fashion magazine "Chinkame," and "Vanquish Venus."

In November of 2012, the announcement of her professional debut shot up to #2 on Yahoo! Japan’s access ranking chart. That same year, she was featured in the article "2012 Was This Kind of Year" article on the Japanese entertainment news site Natalie, where she ranked #3. In 2013, she made her London debut at "Hyper Japan," earning her international recognition.

Her debut mini-album, self-titled "Yun*chi*," won the 2013 award for Best Music Jacket at the Music Jacket Awards. Her lead song in that same album, "Reverb*," was featured as part of the "Power Play 30" on Japan FM Network. Yun*chi also performed the opening theme to the anime OVA of Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue! ("If You’re a Wizard, Eat Miso!"), as well as the ending themes to the anime TV series Log Horizon.

With her characteristic visuals and a naturally harmonic singing voice that leaves an unforgettable impression, Yun*chi aims to take her music from Japan to the rest of the world.