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Waku Waku +NYC Dots


Category: Music

"Waku Waku Finale"
Music Concert #4001
8.30.2015 Starts 6:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Bowl
$8 Admission with Waku Waku +NYC Ticket

Brooklyn Bowl Ticket (20% off w/ Waku Waku +NYC Badge)

Hailing from New York, both Miki Erihara and Shiho Nakatsuka were born in Japan and raised overseas, forming SMEB in 2014.

Miki being raised in the US and Shiho in Australia, they were both exposed to a vast and diverse culturefrom a very young age. Coming from an international background, Miki and Shiho grew up listening to both Japanese and overseas music which influenced the tracks they produce. For their love of music, Miki works for a record label and Shiho at a musical instrument company.

SMEB will be making their worldwide debut at Waku Waku +NYC!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SMEBofficial
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/smebofficial